Otter found hiding in engine of parked car in Scotland

Animal rescuers in Scotland responded to a “very unusual” situation when a resident discovered an otter was hiding in the engine compartment under the hood of their car.

The Scottish SPCA said rescuers responded to a vehicle parked near a pond in Edinburgh after the owner reported an otter had fled under the car and made its way up into the engine compartment.

“The poor otter was spooked by the residents, and it is likely that he used it as a shelter to hide,” the SSPA said in a Facebook post.

The rescuers opened up the hood of the car to extract the otter, but the animal, apparently spooked by its would-be helpers, wriggled free of the vehicle’s engine and ran off without assistance.

The post said the rescuers were “unable to give him a thorough check over, but it is unlikely he was injured as there is no way he could have made his getaway if he was!”