Mike Vrabel: I can’t predict when Julio Jones will know whole offense

Getting Julio Jones on the roster was the first step for the Titans and the next step will be to get him acclimated into the offense.

That process began on Thursday as Jones took the field with his new team for the first time. Head coach Mike Vrabel said Jones flew in earlier in the week for his physical, flew home to take care of some things and then returned in order to take part in his first practice session.

Jones will take part in minicamp next week and continue to learn the team’s offense. Vrabel declined to put any timeline on how long he thinks it will take for Jones to complete that process.

“It’s gonna take as long as it takes,” Vrabel said. “We’ll see where he’s at as we work our way to the end of minicamp. Unquestionabley excited to have him. To say there’s some sort of a timetable to when he’ll know the entire offense. I hesitate to predict that.”

Vrabel was willing to predict that Jones’ arrival will “impact a lot of people” and the Titans hope that impact is uniformly positive for the people in their uniforms.