Norwegian man dead hangs for 16 minutes to break world record

A Norwegian man grabbed hold of a horizontal bar and assumed the dead hang position for 16 minutes and 3 seconds — beating the Guinness World Record by more than two minutes.

Harald Riise managed to dangle from the bar for 16 minutes and 3 seconds in Baerum, Viken, to break the record of 13 minutes and 52 seconds, which was set by Italian man Tazio Gavioli in 2018.

“Setting a dead hang Guinness World Records title was for me the ultimate challenge. I wanted to show both myself and others that it was possible, and I’m thrilled that I succeeded,” Riise told Guinness World Records.

Riise, a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, said he spent more than 10 hours a week training for the record.

“Being a wheelchair user, I am dependent on my upper body strength to cope with everyday physical challenges. My ability to dead hang for instance is, quite literally, what gets me out of bed in the morning,” he said.

Riise is also a motivational speaker under the name Viking Wheels.

“Through the concept of Viking Wheels, I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams, no matter what life has in store for them,” he said.

Riise’s previous accomplishments include hand-cycling nearly 40 miles from Eidsvoll to Oslo and performing pull ups on top of a high-speed trailer.