Colorful ‘Candy Land House’ for sale in Chicago

A pastel-colored Chicago home popularly known as the “Candy Land House” is up for sale, with the real estate agent comparing it to a life-sized “Barbie’s dream home.”

The house in the Roger’s Park neighborhood was built in 1891 and was remodeled into a pastel work of art by current owner Jackie Seiden and her husband, Don, who has since died. The couple lived in the house for 47 years.

“The whole house is pastel-colored and glitter from head to toe,” Kathy Schrage, the Redfin real estate agent listing the home, told Block Club Chicago. “It’s like a Barbie’s dream home.”

“It’s the most eclectic house I’ve seen in 20 years as a Realtor,” she said.

Jackie Seiden previously said the home was an olive green color when she and her husband moved in, and the pastel colors she started using inside the house soon spread to the exterior. The pastel theme even extends to the blinds, radiators and a piano.

Schrage said Seiden would prefer to sell the home to someone who would keep the house’s unique elements, but the market will ultimately decide.

The current asking price for the house is $600,000.